Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Say, my love, I came to you with best intentions. You laid down and gave to me just what I'm seeking. Love, you drive me to distraction ..." -D.M.B. Two Step.

It's amazing how little one has to contribute to a blog about love and life when one has no love. life...Much like a monitor that reads heart rate - there's been a blip. And some activity...

The real irony here - is that there seems to be some sort of love potion being pumped through the air for everyone in my life! My friends are all in love, engaged, and having babies. No seriously. Even my most jaded & embittered friend is on some sort of love high. Like - the high school kind. Giddy. On the phone for hours at a time. Having to upgrade cell phone plans kind of giddy. It's lovely.It's so exciting to see it all play out.

What's funny here is that I am legitimately so happy for all of them. You see; I have the most amazing friends EVER. I know most folks say that. But I truly do. I'm surrounded by smart,beautiful, loyal, kind AMAZING women. I am constantly surprised by the depth & generosity of the people I have been so fortunate to have in my circle.

My only concern was -  did Cupid forget about me?? Where was the fork in the road where I took a left and should have veered right? Is it my breath???

And then just like that- The Heartbreaker came back on the radar. You all are not familiar with him. He was the one before The Actor. He was the one who broke my heart. The one I went to therapy over. Got tattooed over. The one who changed the very foundation my earth was built on. He was the one I would have wagered money on. In one simple ding of an Instant Message - he was back in my world.
But first.... A little bit of background.....

I have not been a woman who has met men, exchanged numbers, gone on dates and then began relationships. Honestly  I'm not that cute. And of course there is that whole "intimidation" factor. Blah. Blah.Blah. I'm ALWAYS the girl who becomes friends first. Good friends. And then suddenly - things shift. The foundation for truly incredible relationships have been laid just that simply.   

But this guy? He was never scared. He called me out on Day 1. And he intrigued me from that moment on. I didn't even realize at the time just how deep under my skin he had gotten. I remember exactly what he said to me too. We had hung out all day. Me, my sister (who was his BFF at the time) , him & his uhh... female companion at the time. (Not worth any explanation further than that. lol No, seriously.) We spent the day at the lake. Laughed. Talked for hours. Forgot there were two other people there with us and just. Got to know each other. For hours. Literally.

After my sister & I were dropped off at our place he said how nice it was to meet me. And we hugged goodbye. And he said: "You give awkward hugs."

Wait. WHAT??? Did he just seriously say that to me??? 

And so it began.... Well, sort of.  
So much background. So little time....  

I've missed this. Missed writing. Missed feeling. Observing. Venting. Confessing.
I'm back kids. There is more to come. ;)

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  1. And we've missed you too, chica!!! I don't know what to make of the Heartbreaker suddenly being back in your life. He better not live up to his name again. *takes off earrings*